Sania Therapeutics

Targeted gene therapy for dysfunctional neural circuits

Sania has developed a gene-therapy platform to selectively target dysfunctional neural circuits in a more selective and safer manner than previously possible. The company has demonstrated in-vivo proof of concept and is preparing for IND-enabling studies.


How they’re delivering breakthroughs

  • Precision delivery of gene therapy only to affected neural circuits
  • Advantageous therapeutic window lays the foundation for neural gene therapies to become standard of care
  • Several pipeline programmes are underway

How they’re making a difference

  • Severe spasticity as a lead indication, which has no effective treatment and affects over 2M people US/EU alone
  • Wide applicability across conditions relying on neural control such as hypertension or neuropathic pain

The people behind the innovation

Andrew Murray, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
Rob Brownstone, MD, PhD, FMedSci

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