Invested in breaking
through paralysis

Invested in breaking through paralysis

SCI Ventures is a novel, evergreen fund created to catalyze innovative cures for paralysis.
Our approach

A philanthropic vehicle run with the rigor of a VC fund

Backed by the leading foundations for spinal cord injury in the US and Europe, and advised by world-class neuroscientists, we invest in early-stage companies developing cure-oriented therapies for spinal cord injury and other related markets.

Scientists collaborating in a laboratory

What’s at stake

People live with spinal cord
injury worldwide
The average lifetime cost of paraplegia and tetraplegia
Spinal cord injury is most likely to affect people in the prime of their life

We invest globally in companies with the greatest potential to impact our mission, typically at the Seed and Series A stages.

Onward Medical
Electrical stimulation / BCI

Onward is the leader in the spinal cord stimulation space. They focus on targeted, programmed stimulation of the spinal cord to restore movement and other functions, alone or in combination with BCIs for thought-driven movement. Representing some of our most mature technologies, their first FDA approval is on track with the device going to market in 2024. 

Axonis Therapeutics
Small molecule drugs

Axonis Therapeutics is developing medicines for neuron restoration and neuromodulation. Therapies are aimed at enabling neural tissue to resist degeneration, restore healthy electrical balance, and promote neural regeneration. Successful pre-clinical POC studies have been completed, and a clinical trial is planned for 2024 / 25.

Sania Therapeutics
Gene therapy / SMD

Sania has developed a gene-therapy platform to selectively target dysfunctional neural circuits in a more selective and safer manner than previously possible. The company has demonstrated in-vivo proof of concept and is preparing for IND-enabling studies.

Investment Strategy

From the lab to the clinic, faster

We invest in the best companies, built around the most innovative and rigorous scientific advancements, with the greatest potential to impact the lives of those living with spinal cord injury.


Professionals with a personal investment

Our team combines entrepreneurial expertise, excellence in neuroscience and intensely personal dedication to curing Spinal cord injury.

Tom Londres
Tom Londres

Board Member, Reeve Foundation
CEO, Metro Commercial, Inc.

Ian Curtis
Ian Curtis

Board Member, ISRT and Reeve Foundation
Chairman, HPC plc, Former PwC Partner

Adrien Cohen
Adrien Cohen

Founding Managing Director,
Board & Investment Committee Member

Roman Rothaermel, PhD
Roman Rothaermel, PhD

Investment Principal
Biotech Operator, PhD Neuroscience University of Oxford

Everyone involved in SCI Ventures is committed to seeing more therapeutic options for people living with the injury. We believe promising scientific innovations will only become clinical therapies when entrepreneurs can access early-stage funding and guidance. Our fund has been created to prove that spinal cord injury is both treatable and investable.
Ian Curtis
An image of Ian Curtis, beige blazer, white shirt and black framed glasses
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